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The PowerPoint That Presents Itself

Microsoft PowerPoint has many little-known tools and functions focused on automating processes and tasks. For example, to display on your own. As it is not always possible to present a PowerPoint in public in the classic style, in person, sometimes we must go to alternatives, such as sharing the PowerPoint presentation and that everyone sees it on their own or turn it into a practical video that includes the explanations in Audio.

power point

Another solution, although with a different purpose, is to automate the presentation so that it executes or presents itself without our intervention. This option is very useful in video walls or screens facing the public where you can see a PowerPoint presentation whose slides happen without anyone touching anything.

Let’s see how we can do this so that a PowerPoint is presented automatically and following the orders that we have previously given.

An Independent Presentation

Although PowerPoint allows you to move forward or backwards on slides manually, it also allows you to automate that process so that we can focus on our speech.

Once we have a PowerPoint presentation ready to be presented, we must go to the Presentation tab with slides and click on Configure presentation with slides.

The key is in the Type of presentation field, where we must choose the third option: Examined in the exhibition (full screen). That will show the loop presentation, over and over again, occupying the entire window. If we simply want to show the presentation once, we can choose Examined individually (window).

Optionally, it is possible to determine which slides to show and which not without the need to edit the presentation.

Another interesting option is the Test intervals, which we will also find in the Presentation tab with slides. We will see a small recording window that will allow us to precisely rehearse, that is, check the time it takes to read each slide or present it to the public. Thus, between slides and slides, different intervals will pass adapting to the content of each slide.

We will see how the counter runs and we can go to the next slide with the first button or recalculate the interval of the slide with the button located between the timers. The first counter shows the time of that slide and the second the total time of the entire presentation. At the end of the calculation or test, we will be asked if we confirm these intervals and the total time.

Include A Voiceover

PowerPoint presentations can include an audio track in case we cannot make a live presentation, and in the case of an automatic presentation like the one we are seeing in this article, recording audio makes more sense if possible.

From the Presentation tab click on Record presentation and we will see the options Start recording from the beginning and Start recording from the current slide. We choose the one that suits us, and in the control window that will open, we must select Narrations and laser pointer.

Then we click on Start Recording and we can now record the audio as we see the slides and we can pass them manually. At any time it is possible to pause the recording, start over and see the recording time.

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Get AcMarket Download For Android Latest Versions

Ac market is an application store alternative to google play, therefore I share the latest version to download modified and patched apps on Android. Android application store there is one, at least official, but there are other alternatives that offer from apps to games. This does not imply that unofficial stores store applications outside the law, but there are some that stand out just for that. ACMarket is one of the best known, very popular among those looking for pirated and modified Apks.

ac market apk download

The latest version of ac market is very complete because it brings many functions to download modified, patched or cracked games, likewise the possibility of downloading is offered by different stores and application repositories such as; aptoide, apkpure and malavida.

Google Play Alternative Store

It is an application store that allows you to download different types of applications, games and modified apps. Its use is very simple, you just have to download the APK from the ac market store and continue with the installation.

Within the application we can easily find the search engine to get more applications, also the apps are sorted by category and so you can install on our Android device. This is a modified app store to use for free

Acmarket Features


  • Updated to the latest version.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Direct download of modified applications.
  • Automatic installation of apps.
  • Automatic update of apps.
  • Possibility to choose the versions of apks.

All content is divided into categories such as games, apps, multimedia, music and much more.

AC Market Latest Version

The app is developed by third parties and is free for everyone. The new version can now download more applications faster and manage them from the My Downloads panel.

News Of The Latest Version

  • Faster managing the downloads.
  • incorporates the search for damaged apps.
  • You can clean the remnants of apps.

Requirements And Supplementary Information

  • Always remember to update your apps.
  • Operating system required as of Android 4.1.1.
  • Keep in mind that most applications are mod.
  • The installation of the app through the APK file asks you to activate the option «Unknown sources» in Settings> Applications.
iPhone XR

The10 Best Features Of The iPhone XR

The set of features make the iPhone XR an excellent alternative if you’re thinking about changing your cell phone. Let’s review the 10 best features of the iPhone XR, and the subtle differences compared to the iPhone top of the line like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max .

iPhone XR

1. Pantalla Liquid Retina.

One of the main qualities in this model will be found in your Liquid Retina screen . That allows to enjoy more intense colors. But the best part is in the size of the screen, with 6.1 inches from corner to corner, ideal for watching videos or movies will be quite an experience on the iPhone XR .

In addition, the iPhone XR has the well-known True Tone function , which integrates on the screen sensors capable of differentiating the amount of ambient light, adjusting the brightness and colors of the screen automatically to provide the user with a natural visual experience.

2. Colors and more colors.

The iPhone XR looks exceptional with its all glass design and now comes in 6 different colors to choose from: Red, White, Black, Coral, Yellow and Blue. These finishes are undoubtedly a cool bet for a striking new iPhone and popular with the tastes of many people, especially when the iPhone XS currently only offer 3 options in colors.

3. Size, more than a Plus.

The iPhone XR have a size that fits between iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max . as for its potability it is comfortable and it feels good in size, it is slightly larger than the plus. Definitely an excellent option for the horizontal display of content, messages, emails, videos, movies and more.

4. Water resistant, one less worry.

With an IP67 rating that basically means that the iPhone XR is part of the Apple products ; such as the Apple Watch Nike , iPhone XS that are resistant to water in some degree, generalizing the resistance focuses on water splashes and not complete submersions, being more an incentive for water accidents than as a definitive function to those aquatic situations.

5. The cameras do not … The Camera.

Although it does not have a second camera like the XS models, the iPhone XR has the same main camera as the line top models, with 12 Megapixels + intelligent HDR and of course the portrait mode that Apple has perfected over time, but this time it is through software, even then the results will surprise you.

6. Animoji + Memoji + Selfie: camera that does everything.

The front camera of the iPhone XR is practically the same as the iPhone XS models , starting by allowing you to create selfies in portrait mode adding that depth that takes the selfie to the next level, it also has new ways to interact like the Animojis and Memojis .

7. Face ID.

The Face ID is a biometric system that projects 30,000 points on the face of the owner of the iPhone , facilitating the access process when buying applications, unlocking the iPhone and one of the most popular attributes, is that the iPhone XR reveals notifications when the owner gives a quick look at the screen; maximum privacy and security in a device

8. Battery.

Definitely the iPhone XR incorporates the best version between performance and efficiency, with a battery larger than the iPhone X and iPhone XS with an impressive amount of hours, 13 hours of normal use, ie browsing, email, opening apps and videos , is definitely the best performance that Apple has achieved in the iPhone .

9. Processor. Unmatched fluency

Since some time ago, one of the indisputable points of the iPhone is its processor; important for all, if the processor is optimal, this means that the response times, the opening of the applications, the animations, and the software in general feel fluid, fast and dynamic. The A12 Bionic Chip will give us that extra power by effectively using the battery.

10. Versatility.

After all this information Who is the iPhone XR for ? The iPhone responds perfectly to what is asked, takes amazing photos, has a large screen and the best battery than any other iPhone , the XR is positioned gently as an excellent option for those who have never had an iPhone and want to do Migration at a comfortable cost having almost all the benefits of its top versions. It is ideal to make that leap from older versions like the iPhone 7 & 8 .
The best part, compatibility and security matched with other products such as the Apple ecosystem , such as Apple Watch .

anime streaming sites

Best Sites To Watch Anime Completely Free And Legal

Some years ago the only way to watch anime was through TV and there were very few local channels that passed more than the classic. With the Internet boom and globalization, little by little we discovered more variable titles and subgenres from your language the producer of these works of art. However, one problem persists to this day: where to watch free anime on the Internet?

anime streaming sites

And is that many animes are broadcast, and it is the fans who are responsible for making unofficial subtitles for their countries. The easiest and most illegal option to watch anime is through Internet pages, full of dubious advertising and viruses that can damage your computer. Here we share you the list of the best anime streaming sites which are very popular at present.


If you want to see anime completely free and with good quality, here is a small list of platforms that, although they do not have a very extensive catalogue, some titles are worth a small registration on the page:

Believe it or not, Netflix has a great catalogue of good quality animes that you can enjoy completely for free. All you have to do is create an account, link a credit or debit card and have a free Netflix month.

So that you do not charge any penny, a few days before the end of the free month, you must enter the configuration of your account and cancel the subscription.


Like Netflix, Amazon allows you to watch anime completely free for 30 days before having to pay for the Amazon Prime subscription. Although its catalogue is not so extensive, you will find some animes that will not be on other platforms.


Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, this platform has limited content to see completely free without having to be linked to a free month. The biggest problem is that it uses a lot of publicity, but the good thing about Crunchyroll is that it sometimes premieres series simultaneously with Japan.


No, we are not referring to users who upload chapters illegally to YouTube. Some companies publish the chapters of their productions completely on this platform or even some television channels also do it.


With this website you can enjoy Wonder Momo, Bravoman, Street Fighter: Round One – Fight and Street Fighter: The New Challengers completely free and legally. Although the anime is not the strength of this website, it is a legal and free option to watch anime.


This platform has more than 20 animes in its catalogue, and you can see popular animes like Sakura Card Captor, Fist of the North Star and many others. The only problem with this website is that they will be subtitled in English. It will be a good method to practice the language while enjoying free anime.

WindowsRage word cloud on Twitter

Election, Media And Technology

How we view and utilize technology affects everything we do, whether it’s choosing news outlets to pay attention to, or deciding on who to vote for in an election. When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds. Whether discussing politics online or with friends, both groups are more likely than others to interact with like-minded individuals, according to a Pew Research Center study. The study was part of a year-long effort to shed light on political polarization in America to see how people get information about government and politics in three different settings: (1) the news media, (2) social media and (3) the way people talk about politics with friends and family. In all three areas, the study finds that those with the most consistent ideological views on the left and right have information streams that are distinct from those of individuals with more mixed political views – and very distinct from each other.

The study finds that consistent conservatives are tightly clustered around a single news source, far more than any other group in the survey, with 47% citing Fox News as their main source for news about government and politics. By contrast, the study found those with consistently liberal views are less unified in their media loyalty, they rely on a greater range of news outlets, such as NPR and the New York Times, that others use far less.

As a communications professional, a writer, an analyst, and most importantly, a voter, I am interested to see how iTrend measures the election, technology and media. There have been nearly a million tweets related to United States politics and the election over the past seven days, according to Twitter’s Election website. In Connecticut (iTrend’s offices are in Stamford), there were just under 8,500 tweets in the same period.

twitter election

Undoubtedly social media and technology have changed the election process. Social media is used to discuss various candidates across all political parties and races, it’s very helpful to voters. For example, during the political conventions and the debates, live tweets were displayed in real-time on the screen so that viewers could get an idea of what others were thinking about the debate. While this may seem harmless, and even collaborative, it can really change the impact and the perception of the discussion.

A recent iTrend 7-day report of election and media highlights top keywords and a summary view shows over 1,000 people discussing the election and the media.


Social Media On Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ Ads Attacking Android’s Data Sharing

Microsoft has been actively attacking Google for its Android app store policies. Microsoft’s point of view can be seen here:


You can follow the debate on Twitter under the following tag:


Most retweets involving this hashtag are driven by the $500 Visa Gift Card offer:

visa gift card

Conversations appear to be centred around data privacy and Android store transactions:

scroogled word cloud on Twitter

More specifically, some of these tweets are calling Google “evil”, and stating that people should be aware of the privacy issues with the platform:

All this action on Twitter has spawned another tag – with opposing points of view:


… calling Microsoft’s actions, among other things, “childish”:

WindowsRage word cloud on Twitter

The debate is getting noticed by news outlets:
Stay tuned for more updates.