Best Sites To Watch Anime Completely Free And Legal

Some years ago the only way to watch anime was through TV and there were very few local channels that passed more than the classic. With the Internet boom and globalization, little by little we discovered more variable titles and subgenres from your language the producer of these works of art. However, one problem persists to this day: where to watch free anime on the Internet?

anime streaming sites

And is that many animes are broadcast, and it is the fans who are responsible for making unofficial subtitles for their countries. The easiest and most illegal option to watch anime is through Internet pages, full of dubious advertising and viruses that can damage your computer. Here we share you the list of the best anime streaming sites which are very popular at present.


If you want to see anime completely free and with good quality, here is a small list of platforms that, although they do not have a very extensive catalogue, some titles are worth a small registration on the page:

Believe it or not, Netflix has a great catalogue of good quality animes that you can enjoy completely for free. All you have to do is create an account, link a credit or debit card and have a free Netflix month.

So that you do not charge any penny, a few days before the end of the free month, you must enter the configuration of your account and cancel the subscription.


Like Netflix, Amazon allows you to watch anime completely free for 30 days before having to pay for the Amazon Prime subscription. Although its catalogue is not so extensive, you will find some animes that will not be on other platforms.


Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, this platform has limited content to see completely free without having to be linked to a free month. The biggest problem is that it uses a lot of publicity, but the good thing about Crunchyroll is that it sometimes premieres series simultaneously with Japan.


No, we are not referring to users who upload chapters illegally to YouTube. Some companies publish the chapters of their productions completely on this platform or even some television channels also do it.


With this website you can enjoy Wonder Momo, Bravoman, Street Fighter: Round One – Fight and Street Fighter: The New Challengers completely free and legally. Although the anime is not the strength of this website, it is a legal and free option to watch anime.


This platform has more than 20 animes in its catalogue, and you can see popular animes like Sakura Card Captor, Fist of the North Star and many others. The only problem with this website is that they will be subtitled in English. It will be a good method to practice the language while enjoying free anime.

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