The10 Best Features Of The iPhone XR

The set of features make the iPhone XR an excellent alternative if you’re thinking about changing your cell phone. Let’s review the 10 best features of the iPhone XR, and the subtle differences compared to the iPhone top of the line like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max .

iPhone XR

1. Pantalla Liquid Retina.

One of the main qualities in this model will be found in your Liquid Retina screen . That allows to enjoy more intense colors. But the best part is in the size of the screen, with 6.1 inches from corner to corner, ideal for watching videos or movies will be quite an experience on the iPhone XR .

In addition, the iPhone XR has the well-known True Tone function , which integrates on the screen sensors capable of differentiating the amount of ambient light, adjusting the brightness and colors of the screen automatically to provide the user with a natural visual experience.

2. Colors and more colors.

The iPhone XR looks exceptional with its all glass design and now comes in 6 different colors to choose from: Red, White, Black, Coral, Yellow and Blue. These finishes are undoubtedly a cool bet for a striking new iPhone and popular with the tastes of many people, especially when the iPhone XS currently only offer 3 options in colors.

3. Size, more than a Plus.

The iPhone XR have a size that fits between iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max . as for its potability it is comfortable and it feels good in size, it is slightly larger than the plus. Definitely an excellent option for the horizontal display of content, messages, emails, videos, movies and more.

4. Water resistant, one less worry.

With an IP67 rating that basically means that the iPhone XR is part of the Apple products ; such as the Apple Watch Nike , iPhone XS that are resistant to water in some degree, generalizing the resistance focuses on water splashes and not complete submersions, being more an incentive for water accidents than as a definitive function to those aquatic situations.

5. The cameras do not … The Camera.

Although it does not have a second camera like the XS models, the iPhone XR has the same main camera as the line top models, with 12 Megapixels + intelligent HDR and of course the portrait mode that Apple has perfected over time, but this time it is through software, even then the results will surprise you.

6. Animoji + Memoji + Selfie: camera that does everything.

The front camera of the iPhone XR is practically the same as the iPhone XS models , starting by allowing you to create selfies in portrait mode adding that depth that takes the selfie to the next level, it also has new ways to interact like the Animojis and Memojis .

7. Face ID.

The Face ID is a biometric system that projects 30,000 points on the face of the owner of the iPhone , facilitating the access process when buying applications, unlocking the iPhone and one of the most popular attributes, is that the iPhone XR reveals notifications when the owner gives a quick look at the screen; maximum privacy and security in a device

8. Battery.

Definitely the iPhone XR incorporates the best version between performance and efficiency, with a battery larger than the iPhone X and iPhone XS with an impressive amount of hours, 13 hours of normal use, ie browsing, email, opening apps and videos , is definitely the best performance that Apple has achieved in the iPhone .

9. Processor. Unmatched fluency

Since some time ago, one of the indisputable points of the iPhone is its processor; important for all, if the processor is optimal, this means that the response times, the opening of the applications, the animations, and the software in general feel fluid, fast and dynamic. The A12 Bionic Chip will give us that extra power by effectively using the battery.

10. Versatility.

After all this information Who is the iPhone XR for ? The iPhone responds perfectly to what is asked, takes amazing photos, has a large screen and the best battery than any other iPhone , the XR is positioned gently as an excellent option for those who have never had an iPhone and want to do Migration at a comfortable cost having almost all the benefits of its top versions. It is ideal to make that leap from older versions like the iPhone 7 & 8 .
The best part, compatibility and security matched with other products such as the Apple ecosystem , such as Apple Watch .

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