How to Install LineageOS on Android

One of the biggest advantages of the Android world is the freedom it offers to users. There are applications that allow you to modify the navigation bar, add functions that were not originally present, and even change the entire appearance of the home screen. However, even with all these possibilities, some need more.

Install LineageOS on Android

If you think you’ve reached the limit of customization, you may want to make the leap to LineageOS. But wait. What exactly are we talking about? What advantages do LineageOS offer? How can you install it? All these questions are resolved below.

What is LineageOS and what is it for?

LineageOS is a custom ROM that is responsible for replacing the factory-installed ROM on your phone. Actually, LineageOS is based on Android, so we are not talking about replacing Android with another operating system. Rather, we mean changing the manufacturer’s version of Android to a different one.

The main goal of changing the ROM of a device is to improve performance. Custom ROMs, like LineageOS, remove most of the superfluous software that comes installed by default on your terminal. This also applies to Google applications and services. If you want to use them, you will need to install them manually. Some users also replace the factory ROM with a custom one to increase privacy.

Thus, they root out services specifically designed to track the user. In addition, the desire to fully customize their device leads many to consider making the leap to an alternative ROM. ROMs like LineageOS are generally more flexible in this regard and allow for more modifications to the operating system. Finally, they are ideal for installing the latest version of Android, even when the manufacturer has not officially released it. If you are convinced to install LineageOS on your phone, just keep reading.

How to install LineageOS on my device step by step

Before entering the matter, it is important that we remind you that this process removes all content from the phone. So make sure you have a backup of all your data. In the event that you use your Google account to back up your photos, your contacts, or any other type of information, you already have a backup in the cloud.

Install Lineage OS

Once the warning is issued, we get to work. To prepare this article we have used a Xiaomi Mi A2. Some of the methods we mention vary depending on the make and model. In that case, we will tell you before we start.

Unlock the bootloader

This process may vary depending on the make and model. Research how to do it on your device.

The first step is to unlock the bootloader. Only by opening access to this part of the system, it will be possible to install the necessary tools to obtain superuser permissions and, later, to install LineageOS. In the case of our device, it was necessary to use an official tool called My Unlock.

After downloading it from the official website, you need to put the phone in fastboot mode. In our case, we had to turn off the phone and then combine the power button with the volume down button. Next, we run the official Xiaomi tool in Windows 10 and connect the phone to the computer. Then we accept the terms and conditions.


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